Iridescent Teal and Purple Dragon Ear Cuff Set


This set of two crocheted iridescent teal and purple ear cuffs is made with acrylic and wool blend yarn and a metal ear cuff. No piercing necessary as they fit over you’d ears. These cuffs have not been starched, so they can be molded into a shape that you wish or laid flat against the hair. If you’d like a stiffer fit, you can brush the back side with starch or a mix of glue and water. It is recommended that if you do start these cuffs, that you avoid starching they front side, as residue from the starch may be visible. We recommend starching the side that faces the hair/head only. These cuffs would be suitable for small to medium ears. The fit is a little tight for larger ears.

Pattern by Crafty Intentions

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