Orange and Lilac Flower Pot Coaster Set

$27.00 - $30.00

This coaster set is crocheted using acrylic and cotton yarn. The set comes with 4 cup sized coasters and one larger bowl or tea pot coaster. These coasters stack into a flower pot and can be made to resemble an orange flower bouquet. Simply place the larger coaster on the bottom and stack the smaller ones on top. Place them in a plant pot and twist them until they resemble flowers. These orange flower coasters come in a blue ceramic pot. Please note that the coasters are crocheted, but the pot is thrifted. There is an option to get it without the pot, just the set of coasters.

The small coasters are approximately 5.5’ in diameter and the large coaster in 7’ in diameter.

Pattern by Brunaticality on YouTube.

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