White Feather Ear Cuffs - No Piercing


These white feather ear cuffs are a fun way to amp up your style. They are beautiful, comfortable, and lightweight accessories that add pops of color & layers of organic texture to any look! One size fits all - just place the wrap easily to the contour of your ear. The ear cuff itself tucks behind your ear, but the long chains hang down revealing the feathers and gemstones with a delicate golden star dangling in the front. The cuff hangs loosely on the top, but stays on even through festivals and parties. The top piece is adjustable to hug even the smallest of ears. This is for a set of 2 ear cuffs, no piercing required! By Spotlight Jewelry

Size: 10in long x 1.25in wide (25.4cm x 3.2cm)
Material: Gold Plated Alloy Metal, Feathers, Glass Beads
Color: Gold Ear Cuff with white feathers
Quantity: 2 ear cuffs (1 pair)
Made in United States of America

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